Margin Software - The Bitcoin Trading Terminal

Graphical Trading

leonArdo is a bitcoin trading terminal that lets you directly interact with market data. Drag and drop your orders to exactly where you want them, pull the chart to the left to reveal a price aligned depth chart or use leonArdo's ruler to calculate a specific gain.

Multi Exchange

leonArdo currrently supports Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC-e, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and OKcoin, but it is implemented in a modular way to allow for the easy addition of new markets. We are currently testing Kraken and more will follow. We are also investigating supporting de-centralized exchanges.

Automated Trading

leonArdo comes bundled with two automatic trading strategies. The ping pong strategy allows you set a static buy and sell price, whereas the mArgin maker strategy adapts to the market course. Setting both up can be done graphically by simply clicking and dragging in the chart.

Dark skin for night owls

Margin trading on Poloniex

Advanced indicators

Automatic trading strategies

Configurable GUI

Although our backgrounds are in machine learning and robotics we became fascinated by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2013. We developed leonArdo because we were sick and tired of unresponsive exchange websites and also because we wanted to make money trading while we did something else with our time during the day!

leonArdo has been developed from the ground up as an object oriented C++ application. Using the features of C++ and Qt allows us to provide a product that is super responsive and completely intuitive to use:

  • In-built automatic trading strategies
  • Visual drag and drop trading
  • Unified interface to multiple exchanges
  • Margin trading support
  • Indicators: MACD, Bollinger bands, VWAP, EMA, SMA etc.
  • In chart RSS feeds
  • Configurable GUI
  • Available for Windows, OS X and Linux

We have been active on the bitcointalk forum for the past few years. Check out our main thread to learn about what our customers think of leonArdo: Bitcointalk thread