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mArgin maker

Automatic trading the leonArdo way means that you setup your strategy by interacting directly with it in the chart. After it's running you can continue to tweek it by dragging and dropping live orders.


leonArdo's indicators are a joy to use and interact with. Drop in beautifully rendered Bollinger bands, MACD, EMA, SMA and VWAP indicators. Or add time aligned RSS feeds directly in the chart. Spice leonArdo up!


Configure leonArdo's GUI any way you like with Tools. View and interact with up to 25 charts on a second screen to keep an eye on all the movements of the markets. We created Tools because everyone is different and everyone deserves their own personal flavour of leonArdo.


Get back control of your interaction experience with leonArdo's chart. Smoothly drag the chart around or zoom right into the area you are interested in. After using leonArdo, you will not want to return to a web front-end.

Margin trading

Margin trading on leonArdo is an experience unlike any you have had before. Beautiful visualizations of your open positions, easy transfer of funds between your exchange and margin accounts and a handy prepare take profit feature make this a must have!